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Tue Jan 6 08:27:47 CET 2004

Le 06-01-2004, Andy Bulka <abulka at> a écrit :

> I *have* reported numerous problems with pyreverse to your mailing
> list.  Why do you say I haven't?  Specifically:
>  Jun 2003 DOCTYPE XMI directive and MSXML3 parser
>  Feb 2003 Running the latest version locks up when no -d option
>  Feb 2003 Pyreverse 0.4.2 requires logilab.common and
> optik.OptionParser ?
>  Dec 2002 Fwd: [Gentleware #12069] Poseidon - version 1.5 XMI import
> prob.
> and many more before that.  And I appreciate you guys responding -
> great. 

Whoops. I realize I had not checked the mailing lists archives
correctly. I apologize. 

> Anyway - ideally I was hoping for a robust discussion by senior Python
> people on what they may be using with regards to UML and what their
> feelings are about the situation. UML is very important yet there is
> no GUI driven two-way tool for python programmers.  Surely serious,
> larger scale, software development in Python would want to be using
> UML as part of the process?

Well, not necessarily. Of course I can only speek for myself (and a bit
for my company), but my prefered UML modelling tool is a whiteboard,
used in conjunction with Agile Modelling practices
( And even then I tend to model lightly,
because the projects on which I work are generally fast moving targets,
which means that heavy up front modelling often results in waisted effort. 
We found that on demand modelling sessions on the whiteboard to answer
specific questions provided the best results. The code we produce ends
up being refactored very often as requirements change anyway, and
maintaining up to date models costs us too much time. 

Alexandre Fayolle
LOGILAB, Paris (France).
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