Pre-PEP: Dynamically evaluating default function arguments

John Roth newsgroups at
Wed Jan 7 17:24:50 CET 2004

"Gerrit Holl" <gerrit at> wrote in message
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> Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) wrote:
> > IMO it's not a waste of time for this PEP to be written. Unfortunately,
not many people are willing to formally document something that they would
like to see when the guaranteed result is that it will be rejected.
> PEP 313?

It hasn't been rejected yet. Pep CCCIXXX is needed
to set the state of the Abacus objects correctly. The
Comp Center needs this in case of a casastrophic
systems failure.

Pep 666, on the other hand, was submitted explicitly
for rejection. Maybe this one should be 668 (the neighbor
of the beast?)

John Roth
> :)
> Gerrit.

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