Simulation library in Python

Samir Patel mepython at
Fri Jan 2 22:34:06 CET 2004

For last couple of weeks, I was doing lot of research
on various simulation libraries. Only one I find in
python is It is very
powerful, but it seems that it does not have any
active development. I am sure there are more than
that. Where are they?

If one wants to create a new simulation program, what
are different packages to use:
simulation event list - priority queue?
simulation model creation (preferable data flow) -
dia, Pyut, OGL
reports -
graph -
animation - Blender?, VTK, VPython
cad -
GIS - ?
Storage - ZODB
Import/Export - ?

I am interested in creating a professional level
simulation model in Python, so any help regarding this
will be very much appriciated.

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