Perl vs. Python for text manipulation

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>> fileinput is not optimized yet, at least I don't remember any mails
>> about fileinput in python-devel since python 2.3 was released.  I
>> know that it is slow. for line in file: does seem to be optimized
>> though. The last time I ran the tests python was definitely twice as
>> slow (which was before python 2.3 was officially released); now it
>> appears to be only about 40% slower. I need to revisit these crude
>> benchmarks.
>Since this problem is not IO bound but rather python internals bound,
>it makes sense to try psyco.

Pysco won't help and might actually make things worse.  At this point,
Perl's speed advantage should come from two and only two sources: Perl
optimizes the snot out of platform I/O (so these speed tests don't apply
to a platform Perl hasn't been ported to), and Perl does not use the
thread-safe forms of I/O.  Python does a fair amount of internal caching
to make up for that, and the file object is already written in C.
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