Why learn Python ??

Ville Vainio ville.spamstermeister.vainio at thisisspamprotectiontut.finland
Mon Jan 12 17:21:05 CET 2004

>>>>> "Bicho" == Bicho Verde <bichoverde at sapo.pt> writes:

    Bicho> I have now free time and money to do what I want :-) I have
    Bicho> some basic skills in programming (C, Pascal, Macromedia
    Bicho> Actionscript) but don't know exactly what to do in the
    Bicho> world of programming.  And also I don't know exactly why
    Bicho> would I learn Python rather than C#, C++ or Perl. Basicaly

Well, I assume you want to have fun programming, and that kinda rules
out C# and (especially) C++. They don't really have the favourable
effort/gratification ratio of Python. If you want to get something
done, choose Python. If covering your ass if/when your project fails
is more important than actually succeeding, choose more
conservatively, which means Java/C++/C#. Since you are on your own in
this, Python is an excellent choice.

If you choose Perl, you will at some regret your choice and consider
porting the app to Python. You save a lot of time/frustration by not
going there in the first place.

    Bicho> I don't know where to start, if there is much to do or if
    Bicho> it is has it seems and there is software to everything
    Bicho> nowadays and so doesn't make sense to spend time in
    Bicho> learning a programming language.  I just have this idea

There really isn't software to do all those little script-level tasks
you need to do every now and then, so learning Python is still not a
lost cause even if you never get anything bigger done. Also, writing a
Python script is often faster than searching for a program to do the
thing and then learning how to use that program. It's also more fun.

    Bicho> that I would like to contribute to the curve of accelarated
    Bicho> exponential progress (technological singularity),
    Bicho> artificial intelligence and so on. From that point of view
    Bicho> there is much to do... But can I stand for it and where to
    Bicho> start?  Anyone would help me and give me some hints?

Learn Python first, the ease of programming can quite possibly inspire
you to create something interesting.

Ville Vainio   http://www.students.tut.fi/~vainio24

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