easiest transition for a PHP website to move to Python?

Python Baby python at hitmedia.com
Fri Jan 30 21:06:42 CET 2004

Thanks for your replies, everyone.  You're right that WebWare looks
cool, but more importantly I'm VERY VERY impressed with Cheetah!
That has the nicest syntax of any template system I've ever seen!

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 09:52:51PM -0800, I wrote:
> I've got a database-driven website that's written entirely in PHP.
> It's all pretty MVC : NOT embedded little calls inside HTML, but
> rather little controller apps in the webroot that merge data with
> HTML templates on the fly.
> But for various reasons (mostly fun) I want to rewrite it in Python.
> There are so many different approaches, though!  Zope, Twisted,
> mod_python, clearsilver, and all the goodies in standard library.
> What would be the SMOOTHEST TRANSITION for a newbie like me to
> rewrite my PHP+MySQL website to Python?

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