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David M. Cook davecook at
Sat Jan 3 21:42:14 CET 2004

In article <vvc80lb8mstue1 at>, Andrew wrote:

> Hi I would like to create a program that accesses mysql from a gui on my
> local computer "mysql is on a server"
> but I am fairly new to python and programming GUI's in general
> What I would like this program to do is be able to access my server and
> change update add and delete records from my databases without having to
> write sql.

You might give an object-relation mapper like SQLObject or MiddleKit a try.

However, SQL is easy to learn and is very useful since you still may need to
tweek the schemas that these ORMs produce for you.  

Also, SQLObject seems quite slow, though maybe I'm just using it wrong.  

It should also be said that SQL is simply one of those things that
programmers are expected to know.

Another option is MetaKit, which is procedural as opposed to descriptive, e.g.

SQL: select * from person p, address a where p.person_id=a.person_id;

MK: vw = person.join(address, person_id)

Dave Cook

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