PEP for new modules (I read PEP 2)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Fri Jan 16 08:42:51 CET 2004

Christoph Becker-Freyseng wrote:
> So basically I want to relocate the real Specification, because the more 
> specific it gets the more it looks like a documentation and the prePEP 
> grows and grows ...
> Is this a valid option for a PEP?

If you are asking: "Can we have an implementation before we write the 
PEP?", the answer is "Certainly, yes".

The PEP procedure is designed to avoid wasting efforts in implementing
ideas that have no chance to ever get accepted to the Python core.
If this is no concern for you (i.e. you are willing to accept the risk
of wasting efforts), you can certainly implement the thing, wait for
user feedback, and then write the PEP.


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