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> Thank you for your refreshingly constructive followup.

No problem.

> davidb at (David Boddie) writes:
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> > > [...] 
> >
> > revealed that the basic information about the PYTHONDOCS environment
> > variable can be found at the foot of the following page:
> > 
> >
> This strikes me as not very helpful to someone looking to solve the
> problem of _keyword_ documentation not working. Remember, we're
> talking about poor lost newbies.

Well, it addresses part of the problem, but I mentioned it because it
reveals the inadequacy of the available information. Not that it's the
fault of the pydoc documentation author(s) for this shortcoming, of

The page does link to a page which deals with the issue of feedback:


[Draft document - Setting it up]

> > If the documentation is required then go to::
> > 
> >
> >
> > and find the appropriate documentation. Download it and install it
> > in a place where it can be read by those who will be using it.
> How about 
>   If the documentation is required then go to:
>   and download the HTML documention and install it in a place where it
>   can be read by those who will be using it.
> ?

Perhaps. I'd hesitate to use "<python-version>" in the URL because it
may actually be displayed as a link in whichever browser is used to
display the documentation. Note that I'd used the "::" at the end of
the initial sentence because I'd subversively used reStructuredText
markup ( How about the following text?

  If the documentation is required then go to::
  and download the HTML documention which is suitable for the version
  of Python you wish to use and install it in a place where it can be
  read by those who need it.

> > Enabling this by default
> > ------------------------
> > Any ideas?
> I guess this would require the HTML documentation to be bundled in
> with the Python distribution tarball, and I can imagine that being an
> unpopular suggestion.

I meant, "How can one set up the interpreter so that PYTHONDOCS is
already set to the correct value?"

For example, on a Linux system, one could ensure that each user's
environment has this variable set up by modifying a relevant file
in their home directory. I don't know how you would do this on the Mac
or on Windows.

Another approach would be to modify the file; see the for information about this.

> Now, currently one gets the following from Python's built-in help:
>   >>> help('if')
>   Sorry, topic and keyword documentation is not available because the Python
>   HTML documentation files could not be found.  If you have installed them,
>   please set the environment variable PYTHONDOCS to indicate their location.
> How about augemnting this with something like:
>   The HTML documentation files can be obtained from 
> ?

Maybe you should forward this suggestion to one of the Python developers;
unless they're reading this thread already.

> And then there's the wart surrounding the following:
>   lambda, and, not, or  
> I always get 
>   could not read docs from $PYTHONDOCS//ref/lambda.html
> Note, I even get 'lambda.html' in the message when asking for help on
> the other three. Any ideas what's going on there ?

This works for me, although I am using the docs from Python 2.2 with
the Python 2.3 interpreter. Which versions of each are you using?
Maybe something changed at some point - some files were reorganised,
or something?

> Furthermore, is there anyway of getting help of keywords via pydoc ?

It's the same approach: PYTHONDOCS=<path> pydoc <keyword>


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