calling Pyrex results from C

Paul Prescod paul at
Tue Jan 20 18:07:07 CET 2004

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Kyler says:
 > I need to submit C/C++ code for a class.
 > ...
 > I'd like to keep my sanity and satisfy the course
 > requirements by programming in Python and converting
 > the code to C.

I have three questions:

  1. How is your teacher going to react when you hand in obfuscated-ish 
C code that depends on the whole Python interpreter _and_ PIL? If they 
tried force you into a particular language it is probably because they 
want to avoid the interpreter dependency headache.

2. Would you mind if further discussion happend on the Pyrex mailing 
list? Someone there may have tried this before.

3. Are you initializing the Python interpreter at all? I am going to 
guess that this is related to your problem. After all you are 
"embedding" rather than "extending" Python. main() is in C.

  Paul Prescod

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