Best Python IDE Code Completion!

Mirko Zeibig mirko-lists at
Thu Jan 15 13:29:31 CET 2004

John said the following on 01/15/2004 12:52 PM:
>   Wing IDE seems converse. The editor auto list members is great but
> has no calltips. The interactive window has no completion at all.
I second this, though the editor sometimes need a bit of help ...
and I do not like the MDI approach they have.

>   Python has great introspective capabilities and we have a great open
> contributing community. What technical difficulties keep us from
> having REAL code completion like MS, Borland and several Java IDEs
> (All of which have been funded at one time or the other if not
> entirely - perhaps this is the reason?)

Python is dynamically typed, so no editor in the world can guess the 
type of any function parameters correctly. If you know about the true 
nature of one, you may assist Wing IDE by using isinstance.

class Klass(object):

     def hello(self):
        print "Hello"

def foo(bar):
     assert isinstance(bar, Klass)

Without the assert line, it's impossible to detect which type bar has. 
Only during runtime the type of bar is known.


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