perl bug File::Basename and Perl's nature

Michele Dondi bik.mido at
Mon Jan 26 20:45:19 CET 2004

On 24 Jan 2004 21:31:36 -0800, xah at (Xah Lee) wrote:

>Just bumped into another irresponsibility in perl.
>expletive Perl and Perl slinging morons.

Taking into account the aggressive and trollish tone of your post I'm
surprised by how polite the answers you got are. Nay, I found
interesting the OT about OSes and file versions: a proof that a bad
seed can give good fruits!

I don't know why I'm taking care of answering you seriously, but if
you don't like "Perl's nature", why are you bothering with it in the
first place? If you can't stand its real/presumed *nix-isms, why are
you using it?

Also, you may have noticed it, but this is a discussion group about
*Perl* and people here is highly likely to be fond of Perl, appreciate
its "nature" and so on... so what did you expect to receive as an
answer to your post?

What do you gain in particular by criticizing an excellently and
*clearly* written piece of documentation (of an useful package!), by
exposing your failing to understand it because of your stupidity and
ignorance about a basic concept of the language like "pattern"?

>you'll see that it shouldn't be so. AND, the writting as usuall is
>fantastic incompetent. To illustrate, i quote:

Haha, thanks! I'll make that a .sig!

# This prints: Just another Perl hacker,
seek DATA,15,0 and  print   q... <DATA>;

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