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Francis Avila francisgavila at
Fri Jan 9 22:04:03 CET 2004

anton muhin wrote in message ...
>Olaf Meding wrote:
>> Is there a way to do this w/o importing another module?

You could use sys instead, which is IIRC initialized at python start-up,
even though the name isn't put in the namespace until 'import sys'.  So
strictly speaking, it's still importing, but there is no overhead.


>> Yes this is what I was looking for except the code below requires
>> importing module inspect.
>I'm afraid that there is no way, at least none I'm aware of (except for
>Terry Reed suggestion, but I think it's not what you are looking for).
>Why you don't want to import a module?

I'll second that.  I'll even ask why you want the original binding name of
the function.  (When functions are first-class, the "name of the function"
becomes a bit meaningless.)  What are you doing?  We might be able to
suggest something better.

Francis Avila

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