ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

Brandon J. Van Every try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at
Wed Jan 14 03:38:51 CET 2004

"G.I.L" <not at> wrote in message news:40047290$1 at
> Brandon, why the fuck on Earth couldn't you spend that exact amount of
> doing what you did BEFORE posting and arguing with the entire newsgroup?

Hey GIL, you're here wasting time of your own free will.  Don't look to me
to be the purveyor of your quality discourse.  To me this is just hours
between implementing stuff.

Although actually, there's another agenda.  I know *someone* out there is
going through the same shit I have / I am.  The posts are for their benefit,
to give them warnings / inklings.

> It
> was an unbelievable waste of time, since you've managed to convice (maybe
> still wrongfully) all the people that you are completely clueless.

Why, because I turned around a project in 3 weeks while having the flu half
the time?

I laugh, over and over again, at all the people who declare 3D spherical
icosahedral planetary display engines to be trivial, or VS .NET 2003 ports
of Freeciv to be trivial, or any other project I've sunk blood into and run
into difficulties.  I know better.  It's water off my back because I know
what an armchair peanut gallery sounds like.

You try to do something big, you put your money on the line to do it, you
fail or don't entirely succeed, you give postmortem, you lay all your cards
out for others to examine... *then* I will worry about your opinion.

> I see your point in many of the issues you raised. But the only reason I
> don't compare myself to you, is that I have a shitload of games to prove
> point. I've never had a major failure, so I never needed to use one to
> leverage my projects. All the things I learned from, were simply bad
> mostly coding habits. I constantly evolve, in small steps, from one
> to another. That's how it should be. You do the math.

Those who never taste failure are haughty.

Brandon Van Every           Seattle, WA

"The pioneer is the one with the arrows in his back."
                          - anonymous entrepreneur

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