Python and Jython are kinda different

Dave Benjamin ramen at
Fri Jan 9 07:15:52 CET 2004

Hey good people,

I've been doing a lot of simultaneous Jython and CPython programming lately,
and just wanted to say, with no intended ill will toward any of the
individuals who have been generous enough to make the two languages
possible, that, well, they're kinda different.

I guess it was inevitable, but with Jython stuck at Python 2.1, it's not
really the same language as CPython is today. You still have to type "from
__future__ import nested_scopes", and there are no generators or properties,
and the type/class dichotomy is still in that awkward state, and you have to
inherit from UserList/Dict, and there are no sets, and you have to roll your
own enumerate() and dict(), and files don't close themselves automatically
(yeah, I know, dream on, hehe...), no csv module, no importing from zips...
wow... it's amazing where CPython has come in such a short time. Well, anyway.

I've never tried the 2.2a0 version (of Jython), mostly because the message
on the site about it being somewhere between 2.1 and 2.3 left me a bit
uncomfortable. ;) 

Jython is still a dream to program in compared to Java. So I can't complain.

But it's frozen in a particular state, while CPython is continuing to
aggressivly pursue new ground--like lazy iteration--in ways that change the
Python style; ways that leave me re-implenting not-so-cool versions of the
new style for Jython. In a sense, it's made me really think hard about what
new Python features are really useful, and what are merely new. I definitely
like having the enumerate() function around. And dict(), how could you live
without a complement to dict.items? That should have been in Python -1.0. =)

Is there anyone here that works on Jython? Do you need help? What kind of
help do you need? What's your estimation of the amount of work needed? Is
the work done with PyPy helpful? I'm really curious.

One Love.
One Python.
That sounds dirty.


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