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Ray Schumacher rays at blue-cove.com
Fri Jan 30 00:19:50 CET 2004

At 02:32 PM 1/29/2004, Gandalf wrote:
>How can I hide/show a page (wxNotebookPage) invisible of a wx.wxNotebook instance?
>There is a GetPage() method which returns a wxNotebookPage but I could not find
>any documentation in the help about this class. 

I use:
always, but 
is great, and shows inherited properties

>I thought there will be a 'SetVisible'
>or 'SetTabvisible' method but it seems to be a proxy for the root control on that page.
>So I cannot even get method names by dir(self.notebook.GetPage(0)).

Check the "Show()" method
<wx.Window-class.htm#Show>Show(self, show) 
(inherited from <wx.Window-class.htm>Window) 

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