New to Python: my impression v. Perl/Ruby

Serge Orlov sombDELETE at
Tue Jan 20 22:44:02 CET 2004

"Ville Vainio" <ville.spamstermeister.vainio at thisisspamprotectiontut.finland> wrote in message
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> >>>>> "Phil" == Phil Tomson <ptkwt at> writes:
>     Phil> Different strokes for different folks, I guess.  I remember
>     Phil> that one of the first things I saw about Ruby was that even
>     Phil> interger literals were objects that can receive messages and
>     Phil> thinking how wonderful that was.  As you say, you're not
> Ints are objects in python too:
> >>> a=1
> >>> a.__lshift__(1)
> 2
> Though "sending messages" to int literals is a syntax error.

Try this:
>>> (1).__lshift__(1)

-- Serge.

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