Programming language from python

Josef Meile jmeile at
Tue Jan 6 19:27:23 CET 2004

> I've heard they have some very good programming languages over at
> Venus :-)
> A programming language is like a tool, it's good for some things and
> not good for other things. As a general purpose langauge it's as good
> a they come.
I agree. I think you can't say that a language is the best because you
like it. Indeed, you can't do such affirmation, for languages have their
weaknesses too. Afterall languages are made by people and we aren't

Another think is that you can say that a language is good because it's
easy to code (like python), or because it offers a programming environment
like the visual suite of microsoft, or because it's fast when excecuting
the code written on it, or because of its comunity, or because of its number
of modules. I think there are many factors and needs depending on the person
who is going to use it. So, for each person this selection will be
different. Anyway,
sometime ago, somebody posted this links here:

They may help you on your election.


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