Twisted or Medusa or Zope

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jan 9 15:12:38 CET 2004

Thomas Weholt wrote:
> "Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote:
> > Twisted is similar to Medusa in about the same way that Linux is similar
> to, say, CPM...
> Ok, my point was that they are similar type of frameworks, if we compare
> medusa and the webserver-part of Twisted. They don't do much without a bit
> of work/coding. Unlike Zope which comes with a UI, user-management etc
> running the minute you finish the installation procedure.
> I might not know the entire technical aspect of medusa and twisted, not
> really enough to compare them in detail. I was referring to the way a
> programmer will have to use them, based on my experience using the two. In
> that regard they're somewhat similar and different from zope. If I'm
> completly off track here feel free to enlighten me.

Thomas, you're completely ON track here... I just wanted to emphasize that
Twisted is much more polished and sophisticated.  I'd even have to say, 
as a programmer using them, that Twisted does actually provide a simpler and 
cleaner API.  It and Medusa are much closer in concept than either is to
Zope, though, as you say.


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