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| Hi all,
|     I'm new to python which explains my problems with this. I'm trying
| to import a .csv file(from excel) into some fields on my company's
| software system(which interfaces to an sql database. Each row in this
| .csv file needs to be split into smaller strings and each respective
| string applied to it's field in the software then it's saved and the
| next row starts, here's the code I've come up with so far.
| f=open ("book1.csv", "r")
| s=f.readline ()
| while s != "":
|   print s
|   l = s.split(s,",",(11))
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012M1", "art-nr", l[0])
|   PlayIt.PlayContent ("{CSB SY012M1|art-nr}{Enter}")
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012ADM1", "001bez",  l[1])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012ADM1", "005agr",  l[2])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012ADM1", "006agr",  l[3])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012ADM1", "009kst",  l[4])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012EHM1", "005laeh",  l[5])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012EHM1", "006lauf",   l[6])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012EHM1", "011vkuf",   l[7])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012SDM1", "012fest",   l[8])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012PRM1", "001tpr",   l[9])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012PRM1", "002wpr",   l[10])
|   PlayIt.SetFieldContent ("SY012PRM1", "003plpr",   l[11])
|   PlayIt.PlayContent ("{CSB SY012M1|art-nr}{F2}")
|   s=f.readline ()
| f.close ()
| here's the error
| Traceback (innermost last):
|   File "<string>", line 5, in ?
| AttributeError: 'string' object has no attribute 'split'
| the furthest I get is when I remove the s.split all together then I
| can actually watch it import the first field correctly and switch
| focus to the second field where it prints a comma and then hangs and
| eventually gives the
| argument 3: expected string list found
| Someone told me I need to import the string module using "import
| string" somewhere in my code, but when I do this I get an error
| stating that no such module exists. I run this as script inside a
| macro from another program and I believe the version of python this
| program uses is 2.2.1.

Hi "Boomer"

if you are using version V3.91 or lower of your companies software, the
embedded Python will still be at 1.52. If it is V4.20 it'll be Python 2.2.2.
Since I know that the Python standard library is not shipped with the
software you are referring to, you need to either install Python (in the
version corresponding to your version) on your local machine, or an
accessible share and set your environment properly.

Looking at your example I am pretty confident that your are using V391 which
embedds 1.52. As a quick fix: check if either "string.pyc" or ""
lives in your w32 directory or - if you are executing via a .pli file - in
the directory "playit.exe" lives in. If that is not the case, get either
module in the correct version and copy it to the directories just described.
This will fix your problem (until you try to import another module


Vincent Wehren

| Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be wonderful!!!

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