Webbrowser and Mozilla control on linux

Casey caseyd1 at stanford.edu
Sun Jan 18 06:26:02 CET 2004

I'm not sure about the current state, but you will
want to google around with 
 xul python mozilla
and you will find another dimension of wonder.

I don't know really how much is working, however.

Jay Davis wrote:
> I can launch a browser on linux with the webbrowser module
> and the .open() method.  However, I want to be able also to
> control the browser, specifically, I'd like to be able to 
> go to a URL and invoke the automatic form filler and post
> the form, all from within a python script.
> I have google'd around and I see hints that there are remote
> controller objects for some browsers, but so far I haven't
> found any examples of code that controls the browser; most
> examples just open the browser, which I could just as well
> do from os.system(). 
> If anyone can share some samples, or point me to a good
> reference with browser control details, I'd much appreciate
> it.  Thanks!
> J.D.

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