Python is far from a top performer according to benchmark test...

Jacek Generowicz jacek.generowicz at
Wed Jan 14 10:38:04 CET 2004

michele.simionato at (Michele Simionato) writes:

> Jacek Generowicz <jacek.generowicz at> wrote in message news:<tyf65fgdm81.fsf at>... 
> > Go on, raise your hand if you thought that "Lisp" is a slow,
> > interperted functional langugage.
> Never thought so.


My post was not aimed at you specifically. It was aimed a lurkers who
might infer that Lisp is only used in AI (or whatever), or who might
have some unfounded assumptions about Lisp which would be re-inforced
by your post.

I was quite sure that my post would not be telling _you_ much you
didn't already know.

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