Anyone else using Python OpenSSL Wrappers? (

Etienne Posthumus ep at
Mon Jan 12 22:21:21 CET 2004

I have been considering the various SSL/crypto libraries for Python, 
and they all have their plus and minus points. The main sticking point 
has been to have BOTH X509 file support and access to some crypto 
operations for signing/hashing.

The only one which does both (please correct me if this is a 
misconception on my part) is but I 
can find very few references to it, or projects that use it via Google.

Does anyone use it in their projects, or have any experiences to share? 
So far have tested reading some basic certificates and signing some 
small bits of data, and it looks pretty good.

All comments welcome.

Etienne Posthumus
Amsterdam, Nederland

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