PythonWin problems

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Fri Jan 2 00:22:45 CET 2004

"Colin J. Williams" <cjw at> wrote ...
> PythonWin has been my favourite IDE for quite a while.
> When one right clicks on a .py file in the Windows Explorer, among the 
> options are Open and Edit.  The former is the default and executes 
> Python, with the selected script.  The latter activates the PythonWin 
> editor, with the selected script.
> Since, most frequently, I wish to edit the script, or execute it with 
> the debugger, I tried changing the default to Edit, using the Edit File 
> Type menu.

FWIW ...

I'm not sure what you mean by "Edit File Type menu".
Using WinXP Pro, in Windows Explorer I went to 
Tools/Folder Options/File Types
selected PY, clicked Advanced, and set the default to Edit.
Now double-clicking a .py file brings it up in PythonWin,
and I've experienced neither of the problems that you report below.

> Unfortunately, this leads to a couple of problems:
> 1. Any activity becomes horrendously slow, and
> 2. The following message appears:
>     LoadBarState failed - LoadBarState failed (with win32 exception!)
> [Dbg]>>>

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