Rekall Binary

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 1 21:36:34 CET 2004

ny_r_marquez at (R.Marquez) writes:
> How strong a buisness model is GPL software is a relative issue.  If
> you mean making the kind of money that software developer houses used
> to make in the BOS (Before Open Source) days then it isn't.  But you
> just may be able to support your family on it and pay the rent (and
> maybe even buy a modest house if you are really successful).  I see
> nothing wrong with that.  This are hard times you know.

An acquaintance of mine started a GPL-centric company, Cygnus
Solutions, that at first mainly supported GCC.  One of the first
things he did as sufficient profits appeared was bought himself a
Maserati with the license plate "GNU CC".  He did that specifically to
show off how one could make money doing free software.  The company
was later sold to Red Hat, another GPL-centric company, for an amount
in excess of $100 million.  

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