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Sat Jan 3 01:40:15 CET 2004

crescent_au at (Ben) wrote in message news:<d99e1341.0401020356.5226878f at>...
> Hi all,
> I wanna use Python for creating a questionnaire. Is it a good choice
> using python on the basis of its availability? I wanna know if most
> servers support python or not... I don't know about the server yet..
> so which language will be a good choice?

Recently, I was in the same boat as you deciding on which server side 
scripting language to use.  I had to design a web based application which 
takes inputs from users using HTML forms. The user details and inputs are 
stored in a databse and are retrieved on demand.

I had worked with Perl before but decided to go for Python this time for 
several reasons:
1) I wanted to try out something new. 
2) Readability and manageability of perl scripts is pretty bad 
3) A quick look at Python's tutorials told me that the learning curve was not  
   very steep. (Goto
4) Found some cool python modules to generate HTML page layouts which helped
   me to jump into my problem right away instead of concentrating on the page  
   designs. (

Regarding your question about the server side support, Apache web servers 
definitely support python. You might have to dig a little bit to find out what 
server you have and whether it supports Python.

Hope that helps,

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