Analysing Word documents (slow) What's wrong with this code please!

jmdeschamps jmdeschamps at
Mon Jan 19 21:09:43 CET 2004

"Daniel Dittmar" <daniel.dittmar at> wrote in message news:<bugcnf$d5r$1 at>...
> jmdeschamps wrote:
> > Anyone has a hint how else to get faster results?
> > (This is to find out what was bold in the document, in order to grab
> > documents ptoduced in word and generate html (web pages) and xml
> > (straight data) versions)
>  [...]
> Perhaps you can search for bold text. The Word search dialog allows this.
> And when you use the keybord macro recording feature of Word, you can
> probably figure out how to use that search feature from Python.
> Daniel

Thanks Paul Prescod suggested this also, works great!


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