Chart drawing library for Python

Erwin S. Andreasen erwin+usenet at
Sat Jan 31 00:10:53 CET 2004

llothar at (Lothar Scholz) writes:

> is there something like "JpGraph" for python ?
> For those who don't know this PHP library: It is a high level
> drawing library that generates gif files with all kind of charts.

I've used gdchart previously but these days I use ChartDirector which,
although being a commercial program ($99), was well-worth the money
for me.

It produces high-quality charts, is very flexible (e.g. you can
overlay different chart types, add custom symbols, produce HTML image
maps) and has excellent bindings for Python and many languages.

Also, I've found the support to be unusually friendly, accurate and
fast. The documentation is good enough so you won't need it much (and
customised to each language too, with something like 100 examples).

Some samples:

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