Starting a script interactively?

Sami Juvonen usenet-86956bd8eeb44fe359b60bcf1ff099d4 at
Sat Jan 3 23:07:16 CET 2004

On 2 Jan 2004 13:05:14 -0800,
  David Klaffenbach <google at> blurted: 
>   Is there a way from within a python script to cause the interpreter to
>   be in interactive mode after the script finishes?
>   so that if I run:
>   it will always execute as if I had run:
>   python23.exe -i

In Windows, create another extension mapping for python, like
.pyi and set the program to open them to something like
c:\python23\python.exe -i "%1" %* (see .pyw and py for guidance).

Then rename your script to myscript.pyi
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