Can MayaVi visualize 3D functions in an unstructured grid ?

Robert Ferrell ferrell at
Thu Jan 15 19:58:13 CET 2004

I can't answer about MayaVi.  However, I use Paraview ( 
I use it on windows, but it's available for Linux.  It is open source.
 Works great for me.  I use it on unstructured FE meshes, among other

arian.novruzi at (A. Novruzi) wrote in message news:<11d4728b.0401150613.1bfb4ca3 at>...
> Hi, 
> I am looking for a free 3D visualization software, running in Linux,
> and able to visualize 3D functions in nonstructured mesh (basically,
> my mesh is a set of thetraheders used for some 3D FE computations).
> Can anyone confirm that indeed MayaVi can visualize 3D functions in
> nonstructured mesh? I went through the manuals but I didn't find that
> MayVi can do so.
> Thank you,
> Arian Novruzi

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