Python COM Server with C++

Andre Bernemann andre.bernemann at
Thu Jan 15 23:08:04 CET 2004


I have written a Python COM Server with the help of Mark Hammond's
Book Programming Python on Win32. I used the CreateObjects method in
VB to access the COM Methods and all worked fine. Unfortunately, that
is not what i really want. First I'd like to make the COM Server
accessible from C++ and as a beside product I want to use early
binding within VB with the NEW operator. I've googled around alot, but
I still have not the complete picture of what to do.

So far I think I have to create an IDL file to describe the interface
and compile it with the MIDL Compiler. There ist my first question.
What do I have to create first, the IDL file or the Python COM Server?
I'm a little bit confused about dispid's, the GUID's and naming
conventions. Do i need to make use of the makepy Utility in any way?

Do I have to modify the Python COM Server Source Code in any way or
can I use it as it is? (I can post the code here on request)

It would be great if anybody can give me information about the things
i have to do in order to make this work. Documentation links and
sample code would also be fantastic.

(I'm programming on Python 2.2 with the appropriate Windows Extensions
and Visual C++ 6.0)

Thx in advance


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