Perl vs. Python for text manipulation (was: [OPINION] - does language really matter if they all do the samething?)

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>>Dietrich Epp wrote:
>>I would appreciate an example of something you would do by capturing a 
>>message that cannot be done in Python.
>>I rather wonder if you've illustrated the downside of flitting from 
>>language to langauge. You may think you're using a language to capacity 
>>without actually doing so. I could be wrong but perhaps even the tasks 
>>you turn to Lisp or Perl for may have easy equivalents in Python.
>>  Paul Prescod
> The comparison with Perl in particular interests me.  I
> often encounter characterizations of Perl (or Ruby--I
> regard them as equivalent in this dimension) as the par-
> agon of text manipulation.  It's not, of course, as Icon
> conclusively demonstrates, at least for me; but I don't
> even see Perl as distinctly superior to Python in text
> mangling.  I recognize that Python REs can feel a bit
> cumbersome, in comparison to Perl, because they essenti-
> ally demand the extra step of explicit compilation.  Is
> that all that people mean, though, when they talk about
> Perl's superiority for text mangling?  Is there more to
> it?

Not sure about superiority. But I find perl useful for those one liners
sed/awk/grep replacements. It's nothing I'd want to use to write
anything more involved, but it's a great replacement/supplement to

On the otherhand, where I used to write bash scripts, using all or some
of the above, I tend to use python now, and am much happier for it :)

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