Python Email Packages

Fuzzyman michael at
Wed Jan 21 15:04:30 CET 2004

I've started to learn CGI programming with Python.... and despite a
few problems with 'internal server errors' (one hour to debug a 1k
file - but now  I understand thigns a bit better !!) I'm enjoying it !

We have quite a restrictive firewall and internet policy here at work
- as you can tell by the fact that I'm posting from google :-)

I'm trying to build a CGI newsreader using python (assisted by the
fact that offers free hosting with Python 2.2 woohay
:-) and actually having some success ! I'll build a python client for
my desktop as well.... nice. ( for the curios
- but there isn't a lot there yet).

What I would also like is a package that will interface with my CGI
scripts via email - and respond by email... is there a nice python
e-mail management package that anyone can reccomend me ??

Sorry if the question is dumb... I haven't done a lot of  research
into this yet.......


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