C++ bad-mouthing (was: Why learn Python ??)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.net
Fri Jan 16 12:10:26 CET 2004

"Andrew Dalke" <adalke at mindspring.com> wrote in message news:<ALMNb.11700$1e.231 at newsread2.news.pas.earthlink.net>...
> JanC:
> > But Netscape was largely based on Mosaic anyway; being developed by the
> > same developers.  The beta I was talking about above still has a Mosaic
> > logo.  ;-)
> While it had many of the same developers, as I recall, none of the code was
> shared.  They were planning to call it Netscape Mosaic but that was
> changed before the final release.

It was actually called Mosaic Netscape for a time since the company
was originally called Mosaic Communications Corporation. Visit
http://www.mcom.com and see where it takes you! (Completely work safe,
I might add.) Now that's what I call long term domain name asset

There seemed to be some fairly major differences between later
releases of Mosaic before NCSA pulled it (after licensing it to
various corporations) and Netscape Navigator - Navigator was threaded
even on Windows 3.1, and was clearly better supported on UNIX, Windows
and Mac. Still, it's amusing to consider Netscape 4.x and earlier as
having some common heritage with Internet Explorer.

As for Grail, it was certainly a "hot product" in the Python community
in 1995 because of the restricted execution environment which I
evaluated for a project involving mobile software agents. How
priorities and trends have changed since then! Who would have thought
that Microsoft Outlook would be the premier platform for mobile code?


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