Best Python IDE Code Completion!

Rudy Schockaert rudy.schockaert at
Sat Jan 17 18:17:22 CET 2004

yshurik wrote:
> John wrote:
>>  Could you give your opinions on the best code completion in Python
>>IDEs. My only complaint with PythonWin has been that the code
>>completion support is incomplete. The interactive mode has better
>>behavior than the editor. Tried to fix it but could not. Boa is not
>>too different. At least when I last checked (a few months ago) Komodo
>>and Visual Python were not very different either.
>>  Wing IDE seems converse. The editor auto list members is great but
>>has no calltips. The interactive window has no completion at all.
>>  I have not checked PythonWorks and Black Adder in a while but their
>>web sites do not seem to brag much in this direction.
> About BlackAdder: because it is oriented to GUI programming.
> in version 1.1 it will have completion for Qt classes and functions.
> and completion to all words which happens in edited text.
> (it is Vi - like style of completion - Ctrl-N, Ctrl-P)
>>  Python has great introspective capabilities and we have a great open
>>contributing community. What technical difficulties keep us from
>>having REAL code completion like MS, Borland and several Java IDEs
>>(All of which have been funded at one time or the other if not
>>entirely - perhaps this is the reason?)
>>  For me, code completion is a very important part of the coding
>>experience and I really miss it in Python in it's full effect.
Have you checked out SPE (Stani's Python Editor):

Spe is a python IDE with wxGlade GUI designer, auto-indentation, auto 
completion, call tips, syntax coloring, syntax highlighting, class 
explorer, source index, auto todo list, sticky notes, integrated pycrust 
shell, python file browser, recent file browser, drag&drop, context 
help, ... Special is its blender support with a blender 3d object 
browser and its ability to run interactively inside blender. Spe is 
extensible with boa.

You can find it at

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