personal document mgmt system idea

Stephan Diehl stephan.diehlNOSPAM at
Wed Jan 21 12:17:15 CET 2004

Sandy Norton wrote:

> Stephan Diehl wrote:
> [...]
>> In addition, a real (text) search engine might be of help. I'm using
>> swish-e ( and are very pleased with it.
> Just downloaded it... looks good. Now if it also had a python api (-;

I'm just using the command line interface via os.system and the popenX
The only thing that (unfortunatelly) not possible, is to remove a document
from the index :-(
If you need any help, just drop me a line.

>> Maybe, before you invest to much time into such a project, you should
>> check out the following:
>> Chandler (
>>         if it's finished, it will do excactly what you are aiming for
>>         (and it's written in Python)
> Still early stages... I see they dropped the ZODB.

Did they? If they succeed, Chandler will rock. My personal opinion is that
they try doing too much at once. I guess that a better filesystem will make
most of the document management type applications obsolete.
The big problem, of course, is to define 'better' in a meaningfull way.

>> ReiseFS (see -> Future Vision)
>> Gnome Storage (
>> WinFS
> Wow! Very exciting stuff... I guess we'll just have to wait and see what
> develops.

Or go the other way: build a new filesystem prototype application in python
and see, if it works out as intended and then build a proper file system.

>> Hope that helps
> Yes. Very informative. Cheers for the help.
>> Stephan
> Sandy

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