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Fri Jan 2 04:38:38 CET 2004

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> In fact i believe that a main stream desktop tool like "Rekall" has no
> future when it must live on support contracts only. If you need
> support then the product has an error, but i don't want to use
> errounous software. This is the reason why GPL does not work for a lot
> of software products.

Every non trival product has errors.  ( And most trival product ;) )

Support charges "seem to me" to be one of the most popular ways for
Open Source devlopers to make an income.  Coupled with the fact that
most sane IT managers won't rely on unsupport software it seems to
make alot of sense.

Note: IT managers will rely on "officially unsupported" software if it
has an excellent track record, i.e. Debian, in the same breath why do
so many companies buy Linux supported distributions (i.e. Red Hat)?


Ray Smith

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