Python Consultants?

Anand Pillai pythonguy at
Fri Jan 23 13:56:41 CET 2004

I do some python consultancy in India. Your problem looks
interesting, so I will take a look at it after the week-end

If you dont mind off-shore consultancy, you can contact
me at pythonguy at .



arsanalytica at (Dan) wrote in message news:<8e198b65.0401221315.6d5cb3fe at>...
> I am working on a python/zope web application and could really use
> some *expert* help on a short term basis.
> Is there an appropriate forum for trolling for Python Consultants?
> Here are a pair XML problems that are available:
> #1) Setup to convert these xml files 
> into a vector of open,close,volume information suitable for use with a
> numerical Python module.  Doing this quickly is a plus.
> Here are the dtds of interest:
> #2) Expose the SOAP functionality from
> generated WSDL files, here is an example WSDL
> See for more info on the API.  A Python
> solution is preferred but a work around which uses Java and the
> Apache Axis library and an appropriate gateway from
> python might also be acceptable.  Results from an attempt at using ZSI
> to process the WSDL file is appended to this message.

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