what is best for web development??

ketulp_baroda at yahoo.com ketulp_baroda at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 12:30:04 CET 2004

Wilk <wilkSPAM at OUTflibuste.net> wrote in message news:<87wu80559x.fsf at blakie.riol>...
> ketulp_baroda at yahoo.com writes:
> > i am developing a web application and i am really confused on what should i use.
> > should i use just python and use the cgi module availabe.
> > Or should i use application like WebWare.Also there is PSP available.
> > I am really confused and need help
> It depends of the kind of application you want to do exactly, there are
> many possibilities from cgi to zope...
> Look into the archive of the list, you'll find a lot of answer to this
> question. Or describe more what you need.
> bye

hey thanks for ur reply
i am developing an issue tracking system 
the primary requirements are
1)it should be platform independent which i think python will take
care of
2)it should have customizable gui .I am thinking of using templates
for this like Cheetah. Is there any other better solution to Cheetah?
The problem i am facing here is i dont know what to use for
development of the application. I came across many ways to develop web
application in python which I already specified like
i)the cgi module in python
ii)Python Server Pages
v)Zope etc.
I want to choose such an environment so that i dont have to install
other softwares to run my application.For eg. I think if I develop
using zope then the client also has to install zope to run my software
and i dont want this.

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