Installing SpamBayes

Tony Meyer t-meyer at
Wed Jan 21 02:08:20 CET 2004

FWIW, you're probably better asking these questions on the spambayes mailing
list - spambayes at

> The instructions that came with SpamBayes says it.  THey say 
> to either run the file in the Python GUI (IDLE) or 
> froma command prompt.  I have tried both to no avail...

You should ensure that you have an official spambayes release - download it
from the sourceforge site: <>.  The
instructions (presumably README.txt) do not say anything about IDLE.

Forget about using a GUI - use a command prompt.  What you need to do
depends on what type of command prompt that is - it seems like you're using
Outlook Express, so it's probably a Windows one.  In that case, you might
need to specify the path to python explicitly, if it's not on the PATH.

Try using this command in the command prompt (ensuring that you are in the
directory that you expanded the spambayes archive into):

  c:\python23\python.exe install

Note that this assumes that you installed Python 2.3 into C:\Python.  If
that's not the case, you'll need to adjust that a bit.

=Tony Meyer

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