Grab input&output of program on Windows

Patrick L. Nolan pln at razzle.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 6 06:51:08 CET 2004

Tero Pihlajakoski <tepihlaj at> wrote:
> Patrick L. Nolan <pln at> wrote:
>> I'm going nuts trying to port an application from Linux
>> to Windows.  We have a python/Tkinter script which runs
>> a C++ application.  It starts it with popen4 and 
>> communicates through the two pipes.  It reads text output
>> from stdout until a prompt appears, then sends commands
>> through stdin.

> Sorry, if this is basic, but: Did you flush() after write()? Try using
> popen2() (there was something about popen4() on win32...), if possible
> (import popen2, etc.)?

Thanks.  I skimped on the details to avoid scaring off potential
readers.  Yes, I did try flushing the streams.  I'm using
win32pipe.popen4() on windows and popen2.popen4() on linux.
Win32pipe is supposed to be the one that works....

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