QT usage confusion

yshurik yshurik at fhb.kiev.ua
Sat Jan 17 11:47:57 CET 2004

Guyon MorИe wrote:

> hmmm, all this time that I am fooling around with python I never took a
> good look at (py)QT.
> I want to have a go at it, after being a bit disapointed about the
> alternatives.
> I have read multiple docs about it and searched this newsgroup I came to
> the conclusion that, as I am a windows user, I have only 2 options:
> - buy a commercial qt license
> - try it out for 30 days (!)
> that sucks ;)

You can try demo version of BlackAdder
which provide demo version of PyQt. If you will need
to create commercial apps, then BlackAdder with PyQt 
costs about $400 (Qt costs more than 1k how i remember)

> am I wrong?
> please tell me I'm wrong.

Best regards

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