ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Wed Jan 14 23:41:01 CET 2004

Brandon J. Van Every:
> Is there something fundamentally *wrong* with recognizing how useless
> are to your purposes?

Nope.  But if you blabber it to everyone in the manner you have
then when you do need someone else's help you're less likely to
get it.

It's made even worse when you make claims related to your
profession (like "Even 12 years ago, "Computer Graphics: Principles
and Practice" didn't teach texture mapping.  Along came DOOM.")
which is proveably false for several reasons
( )
because then people tend to remind others of your follies to show
that your knowledge is less than you think it is.

                    dalke at

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