Recurring dates module [was: Project dream]

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sun Jan 4 16:47:46 CET 2004

    eltronic> rats, datetime IIR is only py2.3 unless it already works in
    eltronic> py2* or some kind soul has backported it ala sets and some of
    eltronic> itertools. 

Tim originally wrote datetime in Python.  You can grab the latest version
from the CVS sandbox:

It seems it's been awhile since it was updated (nearly a year ago), so you
may have to tweak it to add recent functionality.

There has been recent discussion on python-dev about what to do with the
Python version of a module after it's been rewritten in C.  It would be nice
if someone figured out a way to keep in sync with the C
version.  Nice properties include:

    * continued availability in the source tree without installation

    * ability to specify the Python version of a module when running
      regression tests


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