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Thu Jan 1 08:25:50 CET 2004

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 23:22:43 -0600, in article
<news:bt0asa02hj8 at enews1.newsguy.com>, Richard wrote:

> Just downloaded python for the fun of it.
> What do I run to begin coding with?
> Version 2.3.3

Yes, unless you have some reason to use an older release.

> When I run the "command line" thing, I get a dos window.
> Now what?

Type some commands and see how the interpreter works.  

Go to http://www.cs.unm.edu/~ej and click on these links.

  Python Hacking I (Just do it!)
  Python Hacking II (types, functions, exceptions)
  Python Hacking III 

Type the commands and see what happens.

Go to http://www.python.org/ and find some more advanced tutorials.

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