ReportLab 1.19 Released

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Jan 21 19:00:07 CET 2004

Version 1.19 of the ReportLab Toolkit has been released.
Fixes from Max Neunhöffer (pyRXP) and Peter Borocz (pdfmetrics).
ReportLab graphics now has some 3D charts.
Support for True Type Fonts in renderPM.
Henning von Bargen's LongTables optimisation.
Marc Stober's underline fixes.
Restored/improved platypus layout error detection.
New platypus FlexFigure flowable.
ReportLab is now mostly jython compatible, but Python-2.3 no longer
gives warnings.
Pythonpoint improvements.
Many bugfixes.

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Robin Becker

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