__init__, __slot__ and **keywordargs

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Fri Jan 9 13:25:59 CET 2004

Peter Otten <__peter__ at web.de> writes:

> You misspelt: in fact it's __slots__, and it will work as expected. As far

Hurg!!! :-( This kine of mistakes will become me crazy. 

> as I know slots are an optimization technique that is useful to save some
> space, when you have many (that would be millions) of small objects. It's
> not meant as a safety belt for the programmer.

But, I think it can be considered "a safety belt for the programmer" ,
When you do


you get and AttributeError if attribute is not in the __slots__
(It would help to avoid misspells, like i've done!!)

> In your case, I wouldn't use it, but rather not initialize the attributes
> not given as constructor - __init__() - arguments. Also, I would consider
> the ability to provide additional arguments, say "Nickname", not a
> bug but

What do you mean with additional arguments? (My code was not the full

> a feature. Of course you have to change your client code to test for

Not yet :-) I'm in planning stage yet and this code was only to play a
bit to see what can i do.

> hasattr(person, "Birthday") 
> instead of 
> person.Birthday is None

Thanks for this suggestion, I think i'll use hasattr.


> Peter

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