what is best for web development??

Lothar Scholz llothar at web.de
Thu Jan 15 07:12:37 CET 2004

claird at lairds.com (Cameron Laird) wrote in message news:<100b4qoeeeq7d57 at corp.supernews.com>...
> I'm unsure what you're recommending.  We're considering a self-contained
> Web application, including the Web server itself.  Are you proposing:
> 1.  An installer which does a conventional Apache 
>     installation, except with enough stuff confi-
>     gured so it comes up in a safe state, PLUS
>     a separate installation segment just for the
>     Python-based part; or
> 2.  A custom installer which knows internal details
>     of both Apache and the Python-based application?
> What advantage do you see for either of these over the pure-Python ap-
> proach suggested above?  Is your point that customers feel more 
> comfortable with "Apache inside"?

I would use (2), simply because (1) could have influences with an
existing installation. I hate the window programs who install
apache/php and kill my machine (like Numegas PHPEd or Magumas older
version). Such an installation should never use the standart paths,
ports or anything else.

And yes "Apache inside" is a very good marketing argument. Apache has
proven to be robust to most of the denial of service attacks and if
there is a good administrator in the company he can update it easily
with security patches.

I found that companies that are sensitive to security issues try to
avoid home grown server as much as possible.

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