Printing variable names

Mark McEahern mark at
Sun Jan 18 20:39:57 CET 2004

Mike wrote:

>mylist = [a, b, c]
>I want to print out the names of the variables in mylist (not the
>values of a, b, and c).  How do I go about doing this.  Thanks.
There's no simple answer to this.  Consider the fact that you can have 
more than one name bound to any given mutable instance.  What if:

  a = range(10)
  b = a

mylist = [a]

what name do you want printed for the first item in mylist--'a' or 'b'?

One idea is to use a dictionary instead.  Then:

for key, value in mydict.iteritems():
    print '%(key)s = %(value)s' % locals()

I'm curious what problem you're trying to solve.


// m

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