What psyco is goot at [Was: Rookie Speaks]

Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) tdelaney at avaya.com
Fri Jan 9 01:51:23 CET 2004

> From: Samuel Walters
> Psyco only optimizes functions as a whole.

Oh yeah - that's the killer all right. There's no question where the bottleneck is in terms of how psyco.profile() can work on that particular piece of code.

The code in question is in any case a prototype. I was using it as a datapoint to show that you do need to test with the various options to see what works for your application. In that case, the psyco.full() overhead was insignificant compared to the memory usage, and had great advantages. In some other cases, psyco.profile() will be better.

Anyway, when the non-psyco code takes an hour, and the psyco.full() version takes 10 minutes, you know you're onto a winner :)

Tim Delaney

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